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Let me give you the guided tour

This might give you an idea of where I'm coming from.

What some farms look like

There's farms like this one......

Image # 1, a yukky  farm.png
Molly face on smaller.png

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I instinctively know what to eat

And there's farms like this one.

This is more like it.  The dark green leaves provide me with the nutrients I need.  But not all trees.  Pine and Macrocarpas are poisonous to us. 

As Rosamund Young says in her beautiful book, The Secret Life of Cows,  Cow's are natural herbalists.  We instinctively know what to eat for our ailments.

This is more like it.png

I like variety

It keeps me happy and healthy

I get pleasure from tasty treats too.  Having the same old thing to eat day in and day out is boring and it doesn't provide me with the much needed nutrients I need.

I like eating a variety of things.png

Trees for shelter

Protect me from the searing sun

There's so much information available explaining the effects of heat stress on farm animals.  Dairy NZ have this information available and in detail. 

So why are there farms with no shelter?

There's so much evidence of heat stress but yet it's ignored and the status quo continues.

Evidence from Ireland

Finding shelter.png
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