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Give me a name

When you give me a number it's much easier to disassociate from the way you treat me and the way you look at me.

But did you know that if you call me by my name I produce more milk (that's yield in farmer-speak).  We cows prefer to be treated with respect and with a personal touch.  

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I prefer my name not a number

Research shows happier cows produce more milk.  The more personal the relationship between the farmer and the cows, especially when they are called by their names, really does mean the cows produce more milk.

But in this modern era I'm overlooked.  The system focuses on what my milk can give them.

Many humans have stopped seeing me for who I AM. 

If  you called me by my name, you might begin to see me as more than 'cheese burger' or a cash herd and perhaps begin to acknowledge my sentience.  I am a living being with an intelligence.  I'm soft and gentle and want a life worth living.


In industrial dairying, I'm a 'work unit' everyday, rain, hail, intense heat. And then ,my life ends. 

To provide milk, cream, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt, flat whites, baby formula, leather, collagen supplements............

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