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Then I'm put in a stock truck.

The final days are more traumatising than you know.  They are immensely stressful as my life is ended before my time.

For a social, friendly, smart and wise being, transport to, and then the 'execution' of slaughter, is a harrowing experience.

You wouldn't treat a dog or cat this way. Please give us a life worth living, and a natural death.

Our short lives

Cows are emotionally attuned to life on the farm among other cows and creatures.

So when it comes to the time to be put on the stock trucks, we can  detect stress from the cows who have been on the trucks before us.

But we are forced onboard, powerless, sometimes bullied with electric prodders to move up the scary and steep ramp onto the truck. 

We may be transported long distances, often waiting in the trucks on stinking hot days, crammed in a metal cage, high above the ground, without water.  We have no idea where we're going but are terrified.  Sometimes the truck gets filled up along the way and waiting makes the trip longer and unbearable.  

Then we arrive at the abattoir. This story isn't for the faint hearted.....

Calves transported for slaughter.png
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