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Why this is a crucial time....

Molly has been wondering how she can get some movement with helping people to understand her needs.  Animals sadly can't speak..... this is where human's need to step up. 


Most farm animals appear to lose their individuality if they are forced to live in a production line existence, forced to do things, no ability to make their own decisions.  Animals are unable to complain or opt-out and are at the mercy of having a 'guardian' who understands their needs.


We have an interdependence with each other and nature, if we focused on relieving the suffering of the farm animals and the environment, perhaps this would reflect more positively on our economy in the long term. 


We should be looking at economics from an ecological perspective and how much we rely on it for everything we use and need.  The biggest economy should be revolved around Earth Care.  We do live on planet Earth after all.

If we put Molly's needs first, our environmental issues would also be resolved - like water quality and climate change.

If we planted the trees she so desperately needs, gave her a varied diet, our soil would be healthier and would be more able to sequester more carbon.

Perhaps if there wasn't so much pressure put on farmers, they wouldn't be so stressed.

Cow wellbeing can't continue to be taken for granted. We have to stop using cows. They deserve a good life too after all they give.

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