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I'm a Mother too

Moolani is my baby.  I want her by my side.  In natural mixed cow settings, her Grandma would sometimes babysit if I need time to myself or just want to hang out with my friends.

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Cows: Baby and milk producing machines?

When we are separated from family such as our newborn calves, we grieve and mourn over the loss.

Cows become visibly distressed after even a brief separation from their calves.  The mother-calf bond is particularly strong, and mother cows  continue to frantically call and search for their babies after the calves have been taken away and killed.  The cow will bellow, virtually hunting for her young.  She will resume her search again and again.

Just like humans we only produce milk after giving birth to our young.

Therefore cows raised for milk are made to give birth every year.  Cows are both lactating and pregnant for at least seven months each year.  Generally, within 3 months of giving birth, cows are made pregnant again, often through artificial insemination.  They go through this cycle repeatedly until they can breed and be milked no longer.  At this point, they are of no use........and on the stock truck they go

Cows and all creatures want to experience bliss, joy, happiness and to experience love.  This is denied to the majority of dairy cows and their calves.  

We're happy to share our milk.

We are unable to fulfill a basic desire, nurse our calves -so humans can drink our milk

Does this look right to you?

Babies need their mothers to learn from and to most importantly to feel protected.

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