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And a best friend

This is Muriel, she is my best friend.  We like to hang out with each other and we're generally not too far away from each other.  If you observed us for long enough you would see the affection and bond we have.

If we can't get to rub our heads on a tree or wooden post, we rub our foreheads together.

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Cows form close friendships

Animal behaviourists have found that cows interact in socially complex ways  -  developing friendships over time. We can sometimes hold grudges against other cows and humans who treat us badly, and we can form social hierarchies within our herds and choose leaders based on intelligence.

We are emotionally complex as well, and have the capacity to worry about the future.

Just like when we are separated from our babies, we grieve when we lose a friend.

Our preference is to sleep close to our family and friends.  We are highly social beings, and you would be amazed at the support we provide each other.

'Cows and calves go about their daily lives in as many different ways as human mothers and children do.  Some form such close friendships with each other that the calves do not branch out on their own for weeks.  Many make firm friends with other tiny calves at only one or two days old.  Generally these attachments complement the affection they have for their mothers.'   

Excerpt from Rosamund Young's book  The Secret Life of Cows

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