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What you can do to give cows a life worth living

Compassion is the wish for another being to be free from suffering

                                                Dalai Lama

We can all show more compassion to cows by being more aware of what we consume, what producers we purchase from and speaking out.  Please sign this petition so we can have a good life too.

There are some good farmers out there but for too long cows have been looked upon as 'things' that provide either food or profit.  The pressure on farmers to make a profit is huge.  Cows have feelings, we suffer and have a sense of self.  Industrial agriculture is using animals without regard for their lives, or the environment which also suffers as a result.  In supporting my plea, it creates a win, win, win situation.  Animals eat better, the soil and waterways are healthier and less methane emissions.

If you do consume animal products,  it's good to give something back. 

Its good to care about the life an animal has led.

Molly Moo is keen for the current CoW (Code of Welfare) review, because MPI needs to ensure that the farms we live on provide us with a comfortable and rewarding existence - a good life too.  To achieve this, we need stronger rules and more MPI farm inspectors to ensure compliance.

Please sign the petition, and support this cause.

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 Connect to the

#A life worth living campaign.

Sign and pass it on.

Consider giving up a dairy related food for a chosen number of days - and maybe even forever.

Or you might like to support this campaign by purchasing my T-Towel.  It promotes Organic Regenerative Farming which provides me with a variety to eat.



By adding your name to this petition you are making an  move to let MPI know we want to see change for dairy cows .  We want stronger welfare guidelines enforced and more inspectors ensuring we have a good life too.

Make a pledge


Another option is to make a pledge to give up a food Molly is used for, for a certain amount of time or maybe even forever.  For example, you might give up ice cream for three weeks. You might give up all dairy - for life.

Be mindful of the food producers you support

Click below to make a pledge.

Support Regenerative Agriculture

If you would like to order the Molly Moo Tea Towel, click on the link below.    Promoting more plant-based regenerative-organic agriculture to our farms.

These are the areas we want covered in the CoW review to give Molly, her family & friends a better life 

  • Nutrition and Shelter

  • Family & Friendships

  • General Wellbeing

  • The impact of stress and Welfare around our final days

Diverse food crops are healthier and more interesting for cows, and better for soil and water quality

Stable social units and enduring calf-cow bonds are important for cow quality of life.

Cows need to be treated as the individuals they are, not as numbers in an industrial production line.

Changes are needed to the Code of Welfare to ensure standards for cows are improved.

Please sign and share our petition to get a strong outcome for Molly Moo and cows like us, in the Code of Welfare review.

He has become the slave of man without first acquiring the privilege of being his friend.

                                                      William Youatt

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