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'I'm Molly Moo and just like you,

I want a good life too'.

Please read my story

I'm Molly Moo,.......I've been wondering how I can get people to look at me differently. 

Because just like you, I want a good life too.

This campaign is motivated by my desire for a GOOD LIFE TOO.

It is to help people understand both the emotional and physical needs of us cows. 

One thing we'd like is More Trees Please ..........IT'S GETTING HOTTER

From all the COWS in the BARREN, TREELESS FARM FIELDS, it's getting hotter and farming has become more intensive.  This not only contributes to a miserable existence for us but some current farming practices can mean we are just a number and not a sentient being who has the right for a better life.

In the searing sun, often on barren fields, baking and sometimes not enough water is VERY stressful.  This scene has become the accepted norm which desperately needs to change. How often do you drive passed a field and  see cows with no shade or shelter?  If it's a hot day and there is shelter, we will be under it.

In NZ we are mostly kept outside all year round - in the summer heat and winter cold. The effects of climate change are making our existence ever more challenging.  Trees provide us with much needed shade/shelter and also provide an excellent source of the nutrients we need which we get from dark green leaves.

Just like you I like a variety of things to eat.  Who likes to eat the same thing all the time?

There's farms out there with Happy Cow's, it's totally do-able.   Over the next few pages we will help you to understand or imagine some of the things we endure as dairy cows and what it can be like if we have a good life too.  Corporate and intensive farming is an especially hard life, its hard on us and harmful to the environment, it's also boring.

So what can be done about this?.......this is where your help is desperately  needed.

We want to see some changes in farming

We need to make sure there are guidelines in place for higher animal welfare standards for cows that reflect emerging science on what a GOOD LIFE for cows looks like.   New Zealand is still awaiting the Ministry of Primary Industries to appoint a Commissioner for Animals in New Zealand, well actually a whole team of them is what we really need.

With your help we can make some long overdue changes to improve cows' lives. 

Cows are sentient beings. We are self aware, we feel pain and suffering, happiness and love. We have emotions, feelings and thoughts. We are soft and gentle and much prefer an easy going atmosphere.  Maybe that's the problem because we are also very forgiving. 

But I, and over six million other cows like me are not always treated well.

The dairy cow Code of Welfare review needs to set higher baselines for how we are treated, ensuring both our physical and emotional needs are met.

And not to overlook all the cool farmers out there who look after us. 

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